UGC Tool/Carb Cap

UGC Tool/Carb Cap


Mesmerizing, these carbcap tool combos are hand made by Sean Williams of Urban Glass Colorado (UGC). At the heart of each one is a swirl spun ribbon of eye catching glass. CALL FOR SPECIFIC AVAILABILITY* We guarantee no other person you know will have one like it. Emerald's Triangle LLC in Brookland, Arkansas only carries the very best in functional,unique, hand-made, quality; glass pipes, and other tobacco accessories. We aim to help spread the beautiful and creative art of United States artisans. Emerald's Triangle ships anywhere within the continental United States.


    *Please call for specific style availability as since these products are hand crafted and one of a kind, it is difficult next to impossible to provide specific selection as each product will be different. All available are pictured. To ensure that you get the specific product you would like, ensure it is in stock by giving us a call. Visit our contact us page for contact information. Not checking availability, will warrant a random style being delivered.

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