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Titan Electroform Hyperion


Titan Glassworks brings you American made borosilicate glass products with a unique form. Styles take on a stunning look including electroplating, oxidized copper patina, minerals, prehistoric shark teeth and aquatic fossils; they attempt to create a feel like the the pipe is a treasure that was pulled from a sunken shipwreck. We want Titan to bring the high end smoking experience to the everyday consumer. They make a unique product, with continued innovation, for an industry they love. All Titan Glassworks Products ship in a collectable hand assembled wooden crate box. Emerald's Triangle LLC in Brookland, Arkansas only carries the very best in functional,unique, hand-made, quality; glass pipes, and other tobacco accessories. We aim to help spread the beautiful and creative art of United States artisans. Emerald's Triangle ships anywhere within the continental United States.