Titan Steamroller


High-end borosilicate glass production. Titan offers pieces that are like nothing else on the market, attention to detail and absolute perfection with a rabid stroke of intensity is what Titan is all about. The steamroller is a more traditional style piece in comparison to some of the other pieces offered by Titan Glassworks. That being said the functionality is right on par with the rest of the line! This pipe was given its namesake for a reason! A reason that can only be understood by giving it a go! Borosilicate glass offers insane resistance to physical change due to sharp temperature changes. High quality beakers, flasks, bottles, graduated cylinders and other glass laboratory is composed of borosilicate glass, for the same reason Titan shose it as their medium of choice. If its going to get heated, then we will use the best and safest material for the job. What Titan has been able to do with "boro" (Borosilicate glass) is, as you can see; nothing short of creatively awesome! No two pieces are identical which offers a unique point for collectors and afficionados alike.

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