Relic Spoons

Relic Spoons


Unique spoons with a look that says they are from a lost race or time period. These pieces have a very unique satin color with relics etched along their stems. These would make a great piece to start with and great gifts as well. Emerald's Triangle LLC in Brookland, Arkansas only carries the very best in functional,unique, hand-made, quality; glass pipes, and other tobacco accessories. We aim to help spread the beautiful and creative art of United States artisans. Emerald's Triangle ships anywhere within the continental United States. CALL FOR STYLE AVAILABILITY*


    To ensure you get the style of product you wish to have, please call to ensure the specific one is in stock. The products we offer are completely unique and no two are the same. Because of this, unless you specify a specific style before ordering, you will be sent a style pulled at random, from those shown. Our contact information can be found on our contact page

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