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It's Not Just a Hipster Thing

I know the vast majority of you were expecting a political snow ball of a mess within this piece, but that ain't what you're getting - sorry. I am a huge fan of exposing the "bigger picture." I like un-packing biases and perceptions and delivering the truth to the masses, it's just a very enlightening place to be, as I do have to do my own research and form my own perspective on things. But this isn't about me.

It isn't even about Emerald's Triangle as a company, or Shaman's Reach inc. This is about how biases can separate us from the roots from which our intentions grow. I do have more structured, informative content coming this week, promise! But I feel we should start the weekend with a dose of goodness and insight. I hope you guys are cool with that.

Being passionate about cannabis in all it's forms and the potential behind it in the South is a bit of a challenge. It comes with assumptions that all of us behind the movement are "stoners" or we are out to just make a coin off of getting people high. Some see marijuana progress as an "epidemic." We see it as a MOVEMENT. We see it as something to look forward to in our country.

Couldn't we all use that? Can't America use something to look forward to? She's been ran through the mud, pulled and strained every direction, stomped and burned.

Our intention - our roots, come from the resilient desire to improve lives. The statistics and REVIEWED research is there. Improvement.

We want to make a boom in the world. Our bottom line just happens to come from Cannabis. Behind every massage therapist, doctor, psychiatrist, veterinarian, social worker, there is a strain that was once on their hearts that motivated them so deeply to project their progress onto others.

That's who Emerald's is. You might can already hear it in our voices or see it on our faces when you visit with us. Yeah - vape mods, glass, art, the whole aesthetic of our locations is great, we LOVE the vibe! But all we ask is that you don't miss the notion set in place, or where we come from.

We come from chronic pain, crippling anxiety, cancer, addiction, hopelessness, and desperately searching for answers. It isn't a liberal thing. Or a hipster thing. Or a stoner thing. Or a drug thing. Or a high thing. Or a societal thing.

It's a people thing. A heart thing. A humanitarian thing. A compassion thing.

I would just like to encourage you, if you are reading this, to "do the thing." The thing that builds you up, along with those around you. The thing that brings you passion and joy and purpose. Whether it's promoting CBD derived products or maternal photography, or homemade soap, if it comes from a place of compassion and humility, it will do what you need it to.

Once again, sorry for the sap. But we felt it was necessary.

So much love,

Emerald's Triangle, LLC.

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